Des.Wood’s promise of quality and trust is backed up by our clients. Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our clients have to say:

Highly Recommended!

I have work with Des.Wood for more than 20 years. They must have done more than 100 to 200 projects for me; I have lost count! Over these 20 years, they have consistently delivered quality, responsibility, honesty, punctuality in getting the job done. They are very experienced and know how to anticipate and solve problems even before they arise. I am satisfied with their track record. I highly recommend them!

Mikio Fukumoto, CEO, Chanto Design

Des.Wood: The Builder of my Dreams

Des.Wood is a phenomenal company. They are professional, well-organized and understand how to maximize the use of their client’s time. They add value to the project in ways that most interior contractors in Singapore are not able to.

There is a great deal of mutual respect in our partnership. I appreciate the fact that they can interpret design, enhance design and anticipate details that would arise. As a designer, I am a dreamer, and Des.Wood is the builder of my dreams. They are able to bring my creative vision to reality.

I am impressed with their ability to work in culturally diverse countries and settings. They work with a lot of foreign designers, and not many Singapore contractors can do that. You can say I am biased, but they are fabulous and I almost always work exclusively with them.

David Tokiwa, Chairman, DBTA International

A Designer’s Dream

To me, Des.Wood is not just a contractor, but a consultant. Just by looking at the drawings, they understand the designer’s intention and know what we want to achieve. They can capture our intention, our vision, our heart — and make it happen.

They add value to a project by suggesting enhancements, spotting errors and even correcting us at times. So they are very much a partner in the whole process. It had been a happy partnership of more than 20 years. They make my clients happy. To me, Des.Wood is a designer’s dream come true.

Hiroshi Shimizu, Director, En-ma Pte Ltd

As hassle-free as you can get!

I dare to say this was one of the most hassle-free projects we have ever done! Des.Wood’s ability to work independently, attention to details and commitment to quality made it a very pleasant experience for us. There was a single point of contact, and communication was very clear, which is so important. As our team is based in Hong Kong, we relied greatly on Des.Wood to co-ordinate the entire project, and they did so without needing hand-holding from us. I would certainly engage them again!

Charlie Carter, Project Director, Pure Yoga

Excellent and outstanding

Des.Wood’s workmanship is excellent. We have worked with them on several of our fitness clubs in Singapore and Malaysia. Each time, they delivered well within our deadline and budget. Their project management is very professional, probably because they have a lot of experience working with Japanese companies and other foreign clients. They are very responsible and helpful. They provide outstanding value and I highly recommend them!

Joey Tam, Project Manager, California Fitness

Experienced in retail

Des.Wood was the consultant that helped us to conceptualize the concept of retailing paint in DIY stores. It was very handy to have their retail experience. They provide not just the ‘hardware’ but the ‘software’ aspects as well.

With the time constraints of renovating in a shopping centre where you only have a couple of days to turnaround, they were very timely, prompt and well-prepared. With little need to supervise them, I had total peace of mind. In all, they have outfitted more than 20 outlets for us. I am happy to say that the quality and workmanship has been consistent and excellent.

Gordon Lee, Assistant Manager, Nippon Paint

A Passion for Quality, A Tradition of Trust